Recording Workshop Update #1

On February 23, I begin an intense course in audio recording with the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. We are currently in the third week, and I am just now getting around to posting an update.

So far we have covered a huge list of topics and have spent a significant amount of time learning and applying specific techniques during the recording process. We started, of course, with signal flow. Then we moved on to actual recording. Now we are getting into actual mixing projects.

I will be posting some mixes along the way.  I have to mix at least 5 songs during the course and submit two for an actual critique and grade. I would love to have some feedback along the way if there is anyone out there reading this blog and listening to the mixes.

Our days here in Chillicothe are pretty full. The first session starts at 9:30am. We have two lectures each day (one at 12:30pm and one at 5:00pm). We also have recording sessions in the evenings. Some of the sessions consist of us recording outside musicians, and other sessions consist of us recording each other. The final recording session ends at 12:30am.

I started a Bible Study here at my house at 8:30am but so far no one has showed up for that. Haha. I’m thinking people are probably too tired to be interested in an 8:30am Bible Study, but it has been a good time for me to jump into the word of God on a regular basis, anyway.

Tomorrow we will actually be taking our Mid-Term exam. I am thinking the second half of this course is going to be even more intense, but I am excited to put what I have been learning into practice on a larger scale. I am also excited to take all of this information and experience home to Taylor’s Playground.

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