What’s Happening in the Playground (August 2015)

If you have been following the Taylor’s Playground blog, it would be easy to assume that not much has been going on in the studio. That assumption would be very wrong, but I wouldn’t blame you for making it.

The truth is that I have been too busy making and mixing music to update the blog. Hopefully I am on the other side of the busyness for now.

So here is what’s happening:

  • I finished my first completely in-house full-length album last week. This is really exciting for me. I will write a separate post focusing exclusively on that “2Harts Surrendered” project and will be releasing songs from it in the coming weeks.
  • I am finishing up the “Fairlawn” project in the coming weeks. That project was started in February but was put on hold and recently kicked back up again. I am excited for that project to be coming together. Look for more Fairlawn project songs to be showing up on the blog in the near future.
  • The first “If We” EP is well under way. If We is the songwriting duo of Rocky Favia, Jr. and myself. Our hope is to use Taylor’s Playground as a means for recording songs that we are writing for our churches and then consistently release them in the form of 7 song CDs.

Today I am actually working on creating BackTracks for 2Harts Surrendered. It’s a pretty easy job… I am mostly just going through and muting the vocals from the mix. Although I occasionally have to change the arrangement a bit to help them get started on songs that begin acapella or right on the beat. They plan to use these BackTracks when they perform live. In that way, I suppose I will be performing with them everywhere they go…

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