Another New Blog…

Today I am starting another new blog.

Unlike the PolenBand blog that focuses on the band Polen, and unlike the AliveToShine blog that is my personal devotional blog, this new blog will focus on what is happening with Taylor’s Playground Recording Studio.

Should be fun.

I have been dabbling with recording for years… decades, really. It has always been a dream of mine to have a legitimate recording studio so that I could eliminate the need for a middle man and have free access to making music any time that I feel inspired (or any time that I feel like I should feel inspired).

That dream is finally a reality. Tomorrow morning the construction is supposed to be completely finished and I will be using this blog to post songs, snippets, and other studio happenings for the pleasure (or irritation) of anyone who cares to follow along.

I do not intend for this to be a “spiritual” blog where I will be looking for and taking any opportunity for making a spiritual connection (i.e. the drums are kind of like God because they are kick, shells, and cymbals, but still one drum set…) That will not be my intention with this blog, but it still may come up because that’s just who I am. The music being recorded will be blatantly from a Christian perspective, and I certainly hope that helps to shine a light on who Jesus is and how much God loves us, but that is not primarily the point of this particular blog. For spiritual musings, feel free to check out the AliveToShine blog.

This blog is meant to focus on music and recording that is happening at Taylor’s Playground Recording Studio. I welcome feedback -positive, negative, and indifferent. I want to get better in this area and certainly do not claim to have it all figured out.

In a way, this blog is really just a journal where I can keep track of my progress and an outlet for getting music out of my heart and mind and into the world. If that sounds exciting to you, feel free to subscribe or check back often.

Here’s to an exciting 2015 on the horizon…

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