Recording FMC

All this week I have been working on a project for Fairlawn Mennonite Church. They are recording a 4 song CD as a Worship Team. It has been a great project so far, but it has kept me plenty busy.

On Saturday we were able to track drums and bass for two songs. On Monday we recorded drums and bass for the other two songs. I spent a bit of time editing and then we prepared the studio for Tuesday morning. Most of the acoustic and all of the electric guitar parts were recorded on Tuesday. We finished the acoustic guitar and started vocals on Wednesday.

The songs are sounding really great. I feel like we have done a great job of capturing the Fairlawn Mennonite Church Worship Team, and possibly helping them to grow a bit as musicians and as a team. It has been a fun process.

We are taking the morning off today (which has given me a bit of time to catch up on this blog). We will get back to work around noon and hopefully finish most of the vocals today.

Throughout the day tomorrow we plan to finish the recording, and I will begin the process of deep editing and mixing.

Great job, Fairlawn Mennonite Church Worship Team. You’ve been a lot of fun to work with.

Also a big shout out to Mark Rowe who volunteered to take the week off of work to help out with running cables and setting up gear. Mark, you’re easily the best (and only) studio assistant that I have ever had

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