Electric Guitar Test Recording

I set up to record some electric guitar for “Fire Fall Down” today. I wanted to test out a few different microphones for the recording, so I just set them all up and recorded all three at once.

I was using a Gibson Les Paul Standard into a Vox AC15 and then out to a 12″ Orange speaker cabinet. The microphones being used were:

Shure SM57 (the old standard)
Royer R-121 (an incredible ribbon microphone)
Blue Blueberry (my current favorite condenser microphone for electric and acoustic guitar recordings)

I should point out that all three microphones sounded great, and selecting a winner probably depends on what you are going for. This is what I found:

The SM57 did a great job of capturing the electric guitar tone. It was a little more mid-range than I was looking for, but would be excellent for a background rhythm electric guitar part. There was not a lot of character to the recording, just a solid electric guitar sound.

The Royer R-121 sounded exactly like the amp sounds. It was really incredible to hear the exact reproduction of the amp. In my opinion, this was the clear winner!

The Blue Blueberry always does a great job, and this test was no exception. I love the way the Blueberry captures the amp in the room. There is definitely a bit of extra character added to the reproduction, but it is a pleasant addition.

I’ll try to edit this post later and add some snippets of each recording so you can hear the differences for yourself. I got a bit distracted and had to work on another project, so that will have to happen at a later time…

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