Back At It…

I apologize for the lack of new content to anyone who has been following this blog… Our family was blessed with the addition of a beautiful baby girl a couple of weeks ago and I have been busy trying to find a new kind of “normal” since then.

Albeit quite sporadic, there has been some activity in the studio nevertheless.

Last Thursday I co-wrote another song with Rocky Favia, Jr. I am excited for people to hear that song. It is definitely different. Look for a demo recording of “Not To Us (Psalm 115)” in the near future.

I also started pre-production on a project with the Fairlawn Mennonite Worship Team. They are wanting to have 4 songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by June. We are planning for a week of recording sessions in mid February. I am definitely looking forward to that.

Yesterday I worked with Keith Byler to arrange the songs and get a feel for the project. We recorded quick scratch vocal and guitar so that his team can get to work preparing for the upcoming recording. I am excited about that. I think it will be a really great project.

Tomorrow I am working on electric guitar for “Fire Fall Down”. Depending on how far I get, perhaps I’ll post an mp3.

Are there any particular songs that you want to hear? If there is anyone out there, now is your chance to let me know…

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