Family Film Fest 2015 (part one)

The Family Film Festival is an event that I have put on with the Youth Group at my church several times. It is a simple concept. The Youth are split into three teams, and each team has one month to write, film, and edit 3 films:

  1. A Commercial (for any product they choose or create)
  2. A Musical (which must include at least one original song or parody)
  3. A Biblically-based Action Film.

Then we invite our church to the Family Film Festival in our church sanctuary on a Wednesday evening, and immediately follow it up with a Family Film Festival Awards ceremony (where we give out prizes for best film, best actor, etc). It is a pretty great event.

This year the Youth Staff pulled together to create their own Family Film Festival Commercial, Musical, and Action-Film…

As part of the project, I wrote and recorded this simple jingle. BEWARE: it will get stuck in your head, and that is not necessarily a pleasant experience.

I will be adding other aspects to upcoming posts:

  • Part One: the Family Film Fest jingle mp3
  • Part Two: behind the scenes recording video
  • Part Three: the complete Youth Staff Family Film Festival video


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