Family Fim Fest 2015 (part two)

One of my favorite parts of creating the Family Film Fest jingle was getting my kids involved with the process. I had recorded a quick scratch version of the song so that we could do the video recording. That version simply had guitar and vocals. My kids instantly fell in love with the silly song and had been singing it non-stop from the moment that they first heard it. When it came time to record the final version of the song, it only seemed right to have my kids sing along. It’s safe to say that they nailed it.

This was the first time that they were able to make a genuine contribution to something that I was working on in Taylor’s Playground, but I am hoping it is just the beginning… It was a lot of fun to get them on this recording, and you should have seen the smiles on their faces when I played the recording back for them to listen to in the control room.

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