Drum Tracking

Taylor’s Playground was hopping this morning. Nick Mast came and played drums for a couple of songs that I am planning to work on over the course of the next couple of weeks. Look forward to hearing pieces of “I Am the Lord Your God” and “Fire Fall Down”.

We used the Taylor’s Playground DW 5-piece set with a mix of Zildjian and Meinl cymbals with the following microphones:

  • Kick Drum – Audix D6
  • Snare (top) – Shure SM81
  • Snare (bottom) – Shure Beta87A
  • Hi Hat – Shure Beta57
  • Toms (3) – Sennheiser 421
  • Overheads (2) – Neumann KM 184
  • Room – Blue Woodpecker

This has become my typical setup for drum recordings. Does anyone have any suggestions of microphones that they love for recording drums?

I also picked up a new keyboard that I plan to mess with in the coming weeks… hopefully it will make it’s way onto these recordings, though I’m not much of a keyboard player.

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