“It’s Christmas!” Mix #1

Here it is! The first mix of “It’s Christmas!”

Some would say that it is a couple of weeks late, but that is just stinkin’ thinkin’. I would rather think of it as 351 days early…

This is a Christmas song that I wrote with Rocky Favia, Jr. in November of 2014. I was challenged by one of our Youth Staff members to write a new song for Christmas, and this is the song that was written that same week.

I plan to tweak it and possibly add parts for Christmas 2015, but I wanted to get it up on the website today to let people hear what has been happening in Taylor’s Playground music studio. I would certainly be interested in feedback.

Obviously it needs to be LOUDER! I cranked out this mix hoping to bring the overall volume up through mastering, but I haven’t quite mastered the mastering yet, so I’m just uploading the mix.

Studio Credits:

  • Rocky Favia, Jr. – vocals, backing vocals
  • Nick Mast – drums
  • Jeff Polen – acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, tambourine, vocals, backing vocals

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